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Performance Bike and Trikke Hand Grips

Trikke Hand Grips - ERGON Performance Series

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Sunlite Storage Rack - Wall Mount

Holds Trikke flush against a wall
Trikke Storage Rack - Sunlite
Holds one Trikke model vertically for Space Saving

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Except Electric Models

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Authorized Maintenance & Repair Center

Trikke Tech, Inc Authorized Service Center - TRIKKE Tampa is an authorized service center for Trikke Tech, Inc.  We were the first to become an authorized Trikke service center in 2005. We have direct communications with the inventor (Gildo Beleski) and their engineers for reference if needed. We can accomplish work on any Trikke model to include the new electric Trikke Pon-E. I (Andy Clark) have a mechanical and electrical background. We can perform any service, repairs and warranty work.  Please call first to describe the maintenance required and if we can't correct the problem over the phone we'll set an appointment for us to take a look at your TRIKKE™. 


See the maintenance videos below for many Trikke "how-to" demonstrations

Maintenance & Repair

Warranty Service - At TRIKKE™ Tampa we provide our customers with warranty service without requiring Trikke Tech, Inc's prior permission.  If necessary we will make the claim on your behalf. It is important that you complete your warranty card information and register your new TRIKKE immediately.

-TRIKKE 3CV 12 Month Limited Warranty - Click Here to download

-BIKKE 90 Day Limited Warranty - Click Here to download

Serial Number and it's Location - It's imperative that you initially record the serial number of your Trikke and keep in your Trikke files. Numerous times we've been called asking if we recorded the serial number in our database. Usually the Trikke was stolen and they needed it for the police report. A little known fact is that most cities police departments require pawn shops to upload any item in their shop that has a serial number to the police departments servers. This way a serial number can hopefully be matched to a police report therefore increasing the chances of you recovering your investment. Also, if you find the Trikke and need to verify it's yours then the absolute best way is via the serial number. Then hopefully the culprit can be prosecuted.

The serial number for your TRIKKE is located in 1 of 2 places.

1) Just above the front wheel and under the cambering mechanism on the backside of the steering column.  Click here to see where the serial number is located.

2) Etched on the right side of the front structure just above the cambering system

Register Your Trikke Online:  Click Here to warranty register your Trikke online.    

Folding and Unfolding your T8 or T12 -
This video demonstrates how to fold and unfold your T8 or T12. Many people struggle with it because they don't understand how the system works. Folding the Trikke's takes a little practice and if you slow down and think about what needs to be done it will become very simple. This folding system design is, by far, a more durable and secure system.

This is not a demonstration of how to fold a T78 or T67 series model. Their folding systems are different.


Tire or Inner Tube Replacement -
Have a flat on your Trikke? Need to change the tire?

To order the tools used in this video click here


Part 1
Part 2
Binding bearings in your Trikke wheel set - Your bearings may not be bad but only bound up. Watch this video to see if that's the case.  

T12 Steering Column Modification - The older models of the T12 Roadster require a swap out of the "threaded" steering column with a new "thread-less" column.  If you have an older T12 with a black neck and 2 collar nuts then your T12 needs to be modified.  Contact us or Trikke Tech, Inc. for more information.  Click Here for instructions on how to replace the threaded steering axle with the thread-less.

Update January 2010 - This modification is no longer available


Steering Axle Compression: If you're getting a popping noise when carving or you visually notice a loose steering axle then watch this video of the symptoms and how to re-compress. Click Here  

T12 Brake Adjustment Procedures:  It's important that you read the "Brake Adjustment Procedures" that come with your Trikke. You'll need an understanding of the components and references to the parts. Click Here to view the manual    

T12 Fender Installation - 2011 Edition: - How to install the fenders on the T12 Roadster - 2011 Edition. Click here to view the pdf document.    

Popping in Trailing Arm (Pon-E, T12 or T8)-
If you're hearing a dull popping coming from the trailing arm this video may help you to find and correct it.


Lubrication Points - Here are a couple pictures of the lubrication points on the cambering system.  It's recommended to use a 3-in-1 household oil for general lubrication.  Periodically you may want to use a heavier oil or lightweight grease on the folding mechanism axle. 


WARNING:  Do not lubricate the tapered part of the locking pin that goes into the hole of the extension arm.  You may lubricate the spring section.


Trikke Maintenance Lubrication PointsTrikke Maintenance Lubrication PointsClick an image to enlarge

Trikke Wheel Bearing Remove & Replacement Procedures - Click here to learn how to remove and replace the Trikke wheel bearings.    

Spring Button Recovery Procedures - Has the handle bar height adjustment button disappeared into the stem post / steering column?  A Trikke T78 is used in this video but the same procedure applies for all Trikke models.   Click here to see video  

Fix Rattling Brake on your Trikke - This is a link to our YouTube collection of videos - click here.  

Camber System Maintenance / Trikke Seems Loose - If you're Trikke seems loose, leans excessively when parked or falls over when parked then click here for testing and correcting.    

T8 Wheel Replacement Procedures - Click here for instructions on changing the wheels from polyurethane to rubber air tires. If you'd like to order the Trikke T8C Air Mod-Kit then please Click Here.  

  Part 1 of 2   Part 2 of 2 (Brake Adjustments)

T78 Wheel Replacement Procedures - Everything you need to know about installing a wheel set on a Trikke T78. Detailed instructions on which wheels will mount and how to install them. In depth explanations on wheel removal, relocating the brake pad, different spacers used for which wheels, brake adjustment and more.

If you'd like to order the Trikke T78CS Air Mod-Kit the please Click Here.


Trikke T7 Convertible / Fitness ASSEMBLY How-To Videos

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2
Your complete instructional video manual for assemby. From out of the box to the first ride these videos will have you going in no time!


Weekly Maintenance -

  • For pneumatic tires it's imperative that you add air every 7 to 10 days.  The air tires are a high pressure tire that bleeds down naturally over a few days.  Use a quality pump with a quality gauge to ensure you're properly inflating your tires. 

  • Check the bolts on your Trikke for tightness.  Make sure each bolt is tight but don't over-tighten or you can strip out or break the head off of a bolt.  The most commonly lost bolt on the Trikke is the folding bolt.  This is the bolt that you pull back on to fold and unfold the Trikke.  These bolts tighten against each other and again be sure to tighten good and snug but do not over-tighten.  Your warranty does not cover owner responsibility of routine maintenance.

Maintenance Manuals

These manuals are linked to Trikke Tech's website so you'll have the most up to date information. 


Trikke T12 Roadster

-T12 Roadster Brake Adjustment Procedures - Click here to download

-T12 Thread-less Steering Axle Upgrade Instruction - Click here to download


Trikke T8Convertible

Trikke T8 Wheel Replacement Manual - Click here to download



Bikke Ultra Light Electric Scooter Owner's Manual - Click here to download


Owners Manuals

Trikke Version 1 - Click here to download

Trikke Version 2 - Click here to download


Most of these manuals can be found on the Trikke Tech website.  To ensure you're getting the latest  manuals we suggest you check .    

Technical Bulletins    
Sept 15, 2009
- Tribred strap the motor cable to the arm extension - Click Here


Be sure to watch the video that comes with your new Trikke.  There is very important safety information that you must know to safely carve. 


Safety Examples:

- Do not ride a Trikke with polyurethane wheels through water.  If you have to go through water make sure you ride straight through and not turn or carve at all.  Watch the video that came with your new TRIKKE for a detailed explanation.

- Always look behind you before making a sharp turn.  You never know when someone is riding up behind you on a bicycle, running, etc.   

- Always alert anyone you are coming at from behind and before overtaking.  For example, you can say "coming to your left" or "passing on your left".  Something to let pedestrians, bicyclers and others know that your overtaking them.  Ever wonder what that little bell is for?  It's for just that, to let others know you're in their vicinity.  It's a safety device and not a kids toy.

- Be respectful of others on your path.  Don't give the TRIKKE a bad name by hogging the path and expecting others to move out of your way or causing unnecessary situations.




Trikke Hikke with Trikke Tampa

Trikke Hikke with Trikke Tampa
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